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Bc Wolves 69 - 44 Andersonstown Tigers

The 2015 - 2016 ''Division-2'' season for ''Bc Wolves'' started yesterday , with first away game at Andersonstown against local ''Tigers'' Club. The tension was high, because it was a first match in ''Bc Wolves'' history, plus for most players - First official match in there life.

''Wolves'' from a start of the game tried to put a pressure on a ''Tigers'' and they succeeded on the both sides of the court. First half ended ''Wolves 17 - 8 Tigers''

At second quarter, due to many fouls, Lukas Narbutas, had to go and sit on the bench with four fouls and stay there till the last quarter, but that didn't stop ''Wolves''! Because of the long bench and a high pressure against ''Tigers'' , just before the half time the score was 36 - 20

After a break, as usual in basketball, the third quarter for the winning team was the hardest, everyone started to think that the game was over, and the victory is on it's way, but because of to many mistakes, tigers managed to melt the point difference till only 9 points, but only 4 minutes left, Mindaugas Masauskas took the team leader role and scored 7 out of 11 points this quarter, this was the worst period - Wolves 11-9 Tigers.

Last period - With the most of Vytautas Petryla points, was the best in the whole game, with only few mistakes we managed to win this quarter ''Wolves 22-12 Tigers'' !!

Final whistle : ''Bc Wolves 69-44 Andersonstown Tigers''

The ''Wolves'' managed to make 24 mistakes, most of it by traveling, but for the first time there was more Good things then the bad ones! A long way to go, but the start is not so bad !

Man of the match: Vytautas Petryla !!!

11. Giedrius Kazlauskas - 4 pts, 3pts-0 , fouls-2.

4. Raimondas Gvozdas - 0 pts, 3pts-0, fouls-0.

23. Vytautas Petryla - 19 pts, 3pts-2, fouls-3.

12. Edgaras Griskaitis - 2pts, 3pts-0, fouls-2.

33. Juozas Kurbatavicius - 6pts, 3pts-0, fouls-1.

5. Mindaugas Masauskas - 8pts, 3pts-0, fouls-3.

7.Saulius Borokovas - 7pts, 3pts-0, fouls-4.

3. Tomas Burbulis - 2pts, 3pts-0, fouls-1.

31. Tomas Glodenis - 4pts, 3pts-0, fouls-2.

10.Sarunas Razmus - 11pts, 3pts-0, fouls-3.

13. Lukas Norbutas - 6pts, 3pts-0, fouls-5.

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