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Close defeat against Ballymena BC

Today ''Bc Wolves'' played there first match at home against one of the main opponents - ''Ballymena BC''. Full court of fans and people that loves basketball came to watch and support ''Wolves'' !! With Sirens and extra ''Sound makers'', the atmosphere was amazing!! You won't see that anywhere in Northern Ireland !!!

First period : Ballymena tooked the lead from the start, with full confidence, and great scoring - they took the lead 12-18. To many missed opened shoots and stupid mistakes lead our team to that bad start...

Second period: It was like a nightmare, Ballymena went in front by 22 points, most because of amazing play by number ''8'' Michael Murney & number ''31''. But still, at the last minutes we managed to ''get up'' and lower the score by 10 points, with amaizing last seconds buzzer From Robertas Gurskas.

During the half time, Fans had the opportunity to play some mini games. First game 2x2 was won by Zydrunas Sadauskas and His Son, and the other game ''Get the Mystery box'' with trying to score from half court was lost by everyone that tried !!! So there will be more next time !!

The other two periods was the true show for the fans !!! Most of Robertas Gurskas numebr ''18'' three point shoots, and good play by Saulius Borokovas, Lukas Norbutas, Saras Razmus, Vytautas Petryla, we managed to tied the game, but the last seconds of the match was played a little bit better by the Ballymena and they won the game 68-64. Man of the match From ''Bc Wolves''Robertas Gurskas with 35 points and 8 three point shoots. And from ''Ballymena Bc'' Player ''8'' Michael Murney - with 28 points and 11 blocks... A real monster on defense...

P.S. Huge thanks for the people that came to support us, and also our sponsors ''Relish Coffe House'', ''Pht Code'', McCloskey international'' and everybody else !!!

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