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This Victory will be remembered !!!

On the last day of October and just before the celebration of Halloween, Bc Wolves Traveled a long distance To Derry, to play against one of the oldest clubs in island '' North Star'' . (Established 1970). We all know what we can wait from referees when you are at ''Bishops Field'' arena. But we tried to concentrate on the game and tried not to think about anything else.

First period was the start of the show from Bc Wolves player Robertas Gurskas, he scored 12 points out of 14 !!! But the North star after first 10 minutes were 1 point in front 15-14. Second period showed that neither one team will let the other one to go in front, and just before the half time the score was close 27-29 with Wolves in front, it was very helpful that the other team players started to collect the points, not only Gurskas, with Vytautas Petryla and Lukas Norbutas help our game started to become more variant.

But after the Half time, the referees started to make to many mistakes and because of that the tension was at it's highest levels, Bc Wolves player Sarunas Razmus and Coach Rolandas Bartkus were gifted with technicals fouls, and just because of the strange calls made by the referees. Robertas Gurskas, our key player in the first part was almost knocked out with to many harsh plays from the ''North Star''. But again, with concentration on defense, and help from other players, with only 7 minutes left we were in front by 12 points !!! But than again, with strange decisions of referees, those points just melted down, with only 26.9 seconds left the score was tied !! 57 - 57 !!

On the last offense we had 24 seconds left out of 26.9 we tried to melt the time and try to score only at the last seconds of the game, but somehow those 24 seconds became 21.7 and the referees just stopped the game with 5.2 left and tried to give the ball for the North Star, but with all the protests from our bench and the players and also table officials, they gave us the ball back and left us 2.3 seconds for the last attack. Robertas Gurskas grabbed the ball , made a shoot but missed it, than the player from North Star ran towards our basket and was fouled by our player, but the time has ended and the call was to late !! We filmed all the event, showed the video to the referees that the time was over but they still made a decision and give two free throws for the North Star Player. And he missed them !!!

On extra time, most of the Mindaugas Masauskas, Roberta's Gurskas, and amaizing play from a Vitalijus Michailovas, that changed our key defender Edgaras Griskaitis who was just too tired to play. The extra time was won by 3 points 5-8 and the final score 62-65 Bc Wolves grabbed a huge away victory !!!

Robertas Gurskas- again the game MVP with 30points and four three point shoots was the key player for the ''Wolves'', Also Lukas Norbutas with 14 points, and Mindaugas Masauskas with 9points. But without all the other players working hard on defense the victory would be in the other hands !!!

Thabks again for the fans who maneged to coma a long road to watch the game !!

P.S. North Star basketball club are the most respected ones on the island so we are very happy for the game and the whole atmosphere,we are willing to be in contact with North Star coaches and help each other to grow basketball in Northern Ireland !!

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