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Huge victory marked with injury...

First Victory at home court playing against last team on the table ''Carrick Flyers''. Lack of Motivation, leed us to slow start at first period, Wolves scored only 11 points, and made 7 mistakes while'' Flyers '' scored 6.

Second Period was same as the first one, even with faster rotation between players coach couldn't find the right 5 to play, and the score after two periods was 25 - 14, and that was the worst score from all the matches before.

During the half time, again, some mini games for the fans !!! The Best Free throw shooters, best three point shooters and best fans were awarded with prizes from our sponsors !!!

Bc Wolves Coach puted a lot of pressure for the players because of the slow game that they been playing, and with a lot of shouting and encouraging the score started to grow !! ''Carrick Flyers '' Lost confidence, and with three point shots from Edgaras Lembertas and Robertas Gurskas, Wolves won the period 24-7. And the score jumped 49-21.

Last minutes were marked with big injury for our Fastest player Vytautas Petryla, broken leg bone , and nobody knows when he will back....And the game? We keeped the good pace and won the match by 47 points. 77-30. Biggest victory in Wolves history.

Best player in Wolves, Robertas Gurskas with 26 points, Free Throws- 3/4 -75% 2point shoots - 4/8 -50% 3Point shoots - 5/20-25% Mistakes - 4, also a good match from Edgaras Lembertas with 18 points, Free Throws- 3/3 -100% 2point shoots - 3/5 -60% 3Point shoots - 3/10-33%.

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