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Year finished with Victory against ''Bisons''

Last friday, Armagh ''Bisons'' invited us to play a friendly Christmas match at Richhill leisure centre. It was our third friendly match with them, first two was played before the start of the season and was lost with with no hope for us to win, but this time - everything was different. After the great half Season at Division 2, and a first place on the table before the Christmas, our players were more confident with the quality of the game they could provide.

From the first minutes of the match, we showed that we are no longer the same team that we used to be, and with most of good play by Sarunas Razmus, we managed to win those first 10 minutes by the score 12 - 17. You could feel that ''Bisons'' players weren't prepared and thought that this will be another easy game from them, but they were wrong .

On the other period, ''Bc Wolves'' didin't slowed down but started to put more pressure on offence and defense, and with some great three point shoots by Robertas Gurskas and Edgaras Lembertas, we went in front by 14 points !! Just before the half time the sore was 24-38 !!!

After the Half time ''Bisons'' looked tired and out of control, and because of that, after five minutes of the period, ''Bc Wolves'' were in front by 28 points, and probably by lack of motivation, we slowed down, and let the ''Bisons'' to catch up and melt the score by 16 points !!! But it was to late and ''Wolves'' won the match by 14 points, 84-70. The main reason why best Division1 team Armagh ''Bisons'' lost there first game this year, is that team was out of control, and treible play on defense when ''Wolves'' were playing ''Two on Two''. But we will let them to play a rematch next year in cookstown !!! Top scorers from ''wolves'' Robertas Gurskas 37 points, Rolandas Bartkus 11 points, Sarunas Razmus 9 points and Vitalijus Michailovas 8 points! Also we wish for all our fans to have the best Christmas ever and to celebrate the New Year like they never have before !! Thanks for all our supporters, and especially ''Mid Ulster Mail'' for helping us to grow our community ! See you all next year !!

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