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It's not all about The Basketball !!

Just One day after The Christmas celebration, ''Bc Wolves'' held a Charity Party to raise money for ''Help Giedrius Walk'' charity, at Dungannon ''Relish coffee house'' and it was one of a kind !!! Everything started with introduction why we all are here and who we are helping !!! And just a few minutes latter we started the show ! A lot of prizes were on the table for the generous people that came, but they had to ''work for it'' to get some !!! And they did !!! 8 games were played and Prizes were won from ''Pumped Nutrition '', ''Beauty Angel'', ''Rustic Goodies '' and ''Bc Wolves'' !!!

After all the games, and with full stomachs with delicious food from ''Relish'' at 10pm, ''LockDown'' went to the stage to perform some of the best Rock music ever !!! The crowd was jumping and everybody showed how to party hard !!!

During all the time we were working on charity, we managed to raise 1060 pounds, that's not bad for a first time !! Thanks everybody that helped and see you soon !!!!!!

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