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First U-16 match in Armagh

As a team we started to practice on march 2015 with only 6 players on the court, now - we have 18 young boys that are working hard to prepare for 2016-2017 season. And last thursday we had our first friendly match at Armagh Youth Centre with local ''Armagh Bisons'' youth team. Our contenders were a little bit older then us, with some players playing with adult team on men's division 1 , but we had our chance to win - the only problem was? Lack off experience... First two periods were terrible with a lot of missed opened shoots, ''strange'' mistakes, and no coordination as a team - players got to much exited and a little bit scared, as a result - just before half time the score was 27-12 with ''Bisons'' in front.

After the Half time - things have changed, boys started to show what they are capable of and the score started to melt point by point, most of Vitalijus Stonevicius, Jaras Zilionis, And Zygis fast pace during the offencive play!! Many easy points were scored, and the best way to finish third quarter - a three pointer with a buzzer by our man Zygis !!!

The last quarter were even more intense - with the score melting ''Bisons'' started to show some panic, and play not as a team but more to use individual skills, but our defence stopped them, and the final score on the board 53-46. Bisons Victory !!! Vitalijus Stonevicius with 21 points was the key player for ''Wolves'', and Jaras Zilionis with 12 points. A good start for our young team, and a long road to practice and show even better results !!!

Best players of the night ! O.Genevicius ''Bisons'' and V.Stonevicius ''Wolves'' with vouchers to get some pizza from ''Four Star Pizza'' !!!

And for the end - we are recruiting young boys aged under 12 to join our team and practise at Cookstwon Leisure Centre !! All the contacts you can find at or just email us at !


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