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10th Victory in a row !!

After our hard first victory against ''North Star'' in Derry, we have been waiting for this match for a few months and it as worth it !! A full crowd of spectators, an ''Anima Dance'' cheerleaders, flying drone, and camera man made it look more like finals but not a regular league match !

1st Period: 26 Bc Wolves- 14 North Star . ''Wolves'' Started the match with full confidence knowing that the full court of fans are with them, started to run forward by points, it was really hard to find who was the key player because 7 players from ''Wolves'' scored points and showed that working hard on training can help us to be better as a team !!

2nd Period: Bc Wolves 15-14 North Star. With more rotation through the players,'Wolves'' started to lose some confidence on offence, and couldn't manage to get more forward from ''North Star'', this period Robertas Gurskas couldn't score points because of very good defense play by ''Stars'' Number 22 ! But Rolandas Bartkus scored more than a half of points and haven't let ''North Star'' to get closer by points !

3rd Period: Bc Wolves 17-16 North Star. The ''Wolves'' started to belive victory way to early, and the 3rd period was terrible on defense and offence, the score melted down most of number 42 amazing play under the basket, only few minutes left, only two points was between the teams, but just like in Derry during over time, Vitalijus Michailovas tooked the match in his own hands and scored few very important points that waked our team from sleeping !!

4th Period: Bc Wolves 18:15 North Star . On the last 10 minutes, ''Stars'' tried to do everything that they can but ''Wolves'' tooked the match in there hands, and most of good passing by Rolandas Bartkus and Robertas Gurskas to team mates, we won last period and the score after the last whistle was 79:60. '"Wolves'' managed to win 10th time in a row !! Rolandas Bartkus and Robertas Gurskas scored 23 points each and Vitalijus MIchailovas scored 8. Thanks for the fans and sponsors who helped us a lot during this important game !!

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