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Two new Records during a match against ''Finnebrogue BC''

1st Period: ''Finnebrogue BC'' arrived to took a victory after losing against ''Wolves'' last year, and they showed how confident they are on the court, most of good ball handling by player ''23'', and because we couldn't get three pointers the score was always close. But we finished the first 10 minutes with a score 25-19.

2nd Period: Rolandas Bartkus started to dominate under the basket and opponents just couldn't stop him, in 10 minutes he scored 18 points, and while Robertas Gurskas has treated his injury, the team showed good ball movement and the score went up by 48 - 34.

The start of the 3rd period was a dissater for ''Wolves'' in the first 5 minutes ''Finnebrogue'' scored 10 points without an answer and we were in a big trouble on a defense, but then Robertas Gurskas And Edgaras Lembertas started a show, in the last 14 minutes they scored 12 three pointers and with a help of other team mates we scored 68 points in 14 minutes !!! First time this year we scored 119 points and made 16 three pointers !!!The score at the end of the games was 119-87. Top scorers - Robertas Gurskas with 33 points and 9 three pointers !!! Rolandas Bartkus with 28 points, Saras Razmus Added 17 and Edgaras Lembertas made 16 points and 4 three pointers !!!!!!!!!

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