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Close win against Phoenix Bc !

Last league Home Match against one of the main opponents ''Phoenix Bc'', young players with good fitness level was a real headache for an Older but more experienced ''Bc Wolves'' squad. The start of the first period was full of lucky shoots by Robertas Gurskas, he made four in a row and a fifth one was added by Saulius Borovkovas. But then ''Phoenix Bc'' started work harder on a defense, and with some great offensive play they managed to tied the game, and with few minutes left they run in front by 7 points 26:19 !!

Second Period wasn't better, from a start ''Phoenix Bc'' Kept pushing in front with hard man on man defense while we just where to slow when trying to defend. When ''Phoenix Bc '' Went in front by 11 points, ''Bc Wolves'' changed in to the zone defense, and it worked !!! We finished the first half 37-38 : Only losing by one point.

During a half time, ''Bc Wolves'' coach was furious about the game and the mood, after winning 14 games in a row, players looked disordered and just couldn't belive that they are not in front on a home court. But we had to win to get a better position for our last league game against ''Ballymena''. The third period was full of bad episodes and a lack of communication between ''Wolves'' players, even that we were working hard on defense, stupid mistakes drowned us down, but our player- Vitalijus Michailovas played his match of the season and helped us to survive this madness !!! The third period ended 16:16 ( 53:54) with ''Phoenix Bc'' Still in front.

On the last Period ''Phoenix Bc'' went on full court defense, and within few minutes they received a 4 team fouls, wich allowed for ''Bc Wolves'' to shoot free throws on any kind of foul against us. ''Phoenix Bc'' were furious about the calls from the referees but Videos and Photos are showing a diffrent story. During last two minutes, the score was tied and ''Bc Wolves'' just like 'Phoenix Bc'' were on team fouls. So the experience showed that on the free throw line we were better and we managed to win by six points 81-75. Thanks for all the spectators and sponsors for letting us lift the Basketball Up in Northern Ireland !!! Top scorer of the match- Robertas Gurskas with 29 points, Rolandas Bartkus and Tomas Burbulis added 12 each, and also a good performance by Sarunas Razmus and Vitalijus Michailovas - they scored 10 points each

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