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Division 2 League Champions !!!

This years BNI Division 2 rocks !! After a long season and just before the last game , ''Bc Wolves'' and ''Ballymena Bc'' had the same amount of victories (12) and only one loss . So the Champions Title were decided in the last game of the season in Ballymena arena. ''Bc Wolves'' went a long way with about 50 fans behind there back to support and help to get the second season trophy!! The atmosphere was amazing because of the fans from Ballymena on the one side and ''Bc Wolves'' on another !!

1st period : ''Bc Wolves'' stand on a zone defense because of the fast and athletic opponents it was way to hard to stay man on man. And while our team started to work hard on a defense we managed to get some points from R.Gurskas and R.Bartkus and go in front by 6, but because of the rotation of our players and lack of knowledge how to defend zone, Ballymena started to push forward, most by the skillful play by M.Murray who scored 10 points from 17 in the first period. After the first 10 minutes the score was 17-14 with ''Ballymena Bc'' in front.

Second period: ''Bc Wolves'' coach again was trying to find the right players to play against well built ''Ballymena Bc'' and try to stop M.Murray, but while we were concentrated on him, number ''6'' Arthur Hills, started to collect the points under the basket, but with good play by Robertas Gurskas and Tomas Burbulis we still managed to go in front by two points after half of the game. 43-45.

Third period: After every minute the game got harder and harder, a true final between two best teams in Division, you could feel the heat not only in the court but also behind the lines where spectator tried to do everything to help there loved team to win - they pushed pressure towards the players and referees and because of that at one moment the game was out of control and the referee just had to stop the match to calm down the players. After that time out, players went back on court, during this period, ''Bc Wolves'' coach and player Rolandas Bartkus Struggled to play at offence because of hard defense under the basket by Modestas Razbadauskas who didn't scored a lot of points but was a true wall for ''Bc Wolves''. But after some static play, coach decided to let our two fastest men to play in front - Vytautas Petryla and Robertas Gurskas. After some good ball steals and points made we managed to keep the score tied, but just before the siren, number ''3'' M.Sloan made 5 points in a row and gave some advantage for Ballymena.

last period : The last and most important minutes for the ''Bc Wolves'', the price of victory - Promotion to Higher Division !! The ''Ballymena Bc'' started to push forward from a start and went few points in front while ''Wolves'' just couldn't get the basket. So ''Bc Wolves'' coach had make some changes and let more aggressive players to play. So with V.Petryla pushed in the back and S.Razmus back on the court to play in front, we started to break ''Ballymena Bc'' Defense. And just when the score was tied, R.Gurskas made a three point shoot with a foul and gave the advantage for the ''Wolves''. With hard work on defending M.Murray, ''Ballymena Bc'' started to panic and made some stupid fouls, while our guard Sarunas Razmus made some good runs and scored easy points. And with team fouls for home team, ''Bc Wolves'' stared to push forward with easy points from free throw line. The match ended 84-92 Victory and promotion for ''Bc Wolves'' !!! This was one of the best games in BNI !! We wanna say thank you for our fans - we play for you because you all are part of our family, also BIG THANKS for the guys from ''Ballymena Bc'' for a good match and wish them best of luck in top 8. It was our last game with a squad that we have, because our main player R.Gurskas left the country and our team. So it will be a real head ache for ''Bc Wolves' coach to replace him. Top scorers from ''Bc Wolves'' - Robertas Gurskas with 29 points, Sarunas Razmus with 18 points, Vytautas Petryla added 14, and Rolandas Bartkus and Tomas Burbulis made 12. And from ''Ballymena Bc'' M.Murray scored - 34 points and Arthur Hills - 23 points.

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