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Going after third Title !!

After winning the League title and some break due quarter final canceled match against ''Tigers'', ''Bc Wolves'' hosted Semi final game against ''Finnebrogue Bc'' . It was a third time this season when two new teams from Div2 played against each other, and the first two games were won by ''Wolves'' so we tried to keep it that way.

The game started very slow and with no passion from two teams, maybe because of the long season? But after 6 minutes played the score showed 1:0 to ''Bc Wolves'' and the period finished with record breaking 8:5 score. The second period weren't better - a lot of mistakes and missed shoots made this game look boring for the spectators. But just at the start of the third quarter, ''Bc Wolves'' went in front by 14 points and just after that lost all the motivation, while ''Finnebrogue Bc'' used that and managed to melt the score with only two points behind the ''Wolves''. After that moment coach started to shout and wake up all the players because if we will lose, we can say bye to the final of the ''Top 8'' Competition. After that moment and only two minutes left, our team managed to get there form back and win the match 59-53. Top scorers Rolandas Bartkus 25 points, Sarunas Razmus 11 points, and Tomas Burbulis 9 points.

So after the victory, we are heading to the Finals on 23rd of April, Saturday, 10:00 AM, at Knockdhu Park, BT11 8LT Belfast, United Kingdom, De la Salle. We will play against ''Phoenix Bc'', a very young and talented team from Belfast !!!! All supporters are welcome !!!

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