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Karolis Jurkynas joins '' Bc Wolves'' !!

In his career at BNI he represented some of the best clubs in Northern Ireland - ''Tyrone Towers'', '' Dungannon Cavaliers'' and the last one was ''DLT Falcons'', where he played 2014 - 2015 season at ''Wingfoot League''. With 21/21 games in total he showed that you can trust him as a player that he will do everything to show up for the match.

Last season that he played he had great statistics with an average 8.4 points and only two fouls per game while at the same time he is a great defender. The main advantage from him as a player is his attitude - He is a fighter, he newer stops, if he has a bad day scoring points he will stop doing in and will try to do his best on rebounds and defense, if he sees that one of the players are walking with there head down he will give a slap on a head and encourage to get back to the game, and that is what our team needs !!

So after some negotiations last Friday at ''Hagan's bar'', he agreed to be part of our team, if Robertas Gurskas will stay for the next season, we will have way better squad to play in DIV - 1.

''Bc Wolves'' coach R.Bartkus said: '' It's good to have a man that is very active on the court and outside''

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