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One out - one in !

After an amazing season - three titles, two MVP's , Robertas Gurskas has to leave ''Bc Wolves'' because of some personal circumstances. And all the members of our team and fans are wishing him the best luck in his life and reaching his goals !!!! Thank you !!!! Even it might look that it will be very hard to find a replacement for such a good player, but because of our good management we were able to get one of the best play makers and a whole Northern Ireland Select Team Captain Darius Surginas !!! ''Bc wolves'' decided to give him a go and will be preparing him to manage our U-16 team. And also he will be helping us in our first year in Division - 1.

Darius finished one of the basketball schools in Lithuania KM Tornado back in 2006 as an one of the best young players and was offered to play in a Main Lithuanian Basketball league ''LKL" for ''Kauno Atletas'' but because of his injury's he had to change his plans and fly to Northern Ireland.

Back in 2008 his first basketball team in BNI were ''Craigavon BC'', he didn't win his first trophy that year but made a huge impact in BNI. And ofcourse he was noticed by a Lisburn ''Stars'' who were playing in National league, he only played till the playoff's but he left his team in first place on a League table.

In 2009 He joined ''Down Knights'' and won his first trophy by winning Division 1.

At 2010 he won Premier league title with Dungannon ''Cavaliers''

In 2011 he joined Armagh ''Magic'' and became a coach. Again they won Division 1 with winning all matches and reaching a BNI record.

In 2013 he played for ''Tyrone Towers'' in premiers league.

In 2014 joined ''DLT FALCONS'' but because of injury had to finish season early.

In 2015 he came back to ''Down Knights'' and reached top 4 and won 2nd place in BNI ''Cup''

And now in 2016 his new stop is ''Bc Wolves'' and we are wishing him a best luck in his new position !!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Robertas Gurskas last season left our team about three times so maybe he will be back.

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