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First league Win Against Ballymena BC!!

Our First match in a Division 1 league, and a hard victory against last years main rivals from Ballymena !!It was our 20th victory in a row, and now we haven't been defeated for one year !!! And our fans...They are still with us !! Full crowd at a first game !!! Thank you!!!

The match from the start were hard and just as expected, exiting for the crowd!!! A lot of tough play by both teams, but at the end, Ballymena looked more tired and started to lose the rhythm and Bc Wolves, most of Robertas Gurskas and Darius Surginas three point shoots managed to get a solid win 86-75 !! Top scorers of the night - Robertas Gurskas 29 pts, 7 three point shoots, Darius Surginas with 22 pts, 4 three point shoots, and Rolandas Bartkus with 14 points.

Also this year, we managed to become a friends of one of the largest Basketball brands '' Spalding'' to help us grow ! And it's all because of a great man Brian Hutchinson ! His words says it all '' great to be involved with a young and up coming family club onwards and upwards from the spalding family ''


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