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First Victory and first loss for our U16 !

15th of October, an memorable day for ''Bc Wolves'' because finally an U16 squad started to play in U16 Development league against guests from belfast - a huge crowd of parents and supporters and quiet intense atmosphere in the hall...First time is first time !!! The game started with some nice defense plays by both teams, but ''Bc Wolves'' looked more fit and started to overrun there opponents on a fast breaks ! A lot of good plays by Vitalijus Stonevicius, Osvaldas Geneviciu, Dominykas Kazlauskas, , Lukas Klevaitis,Jaras Zilioni and Nojus Klivickas made our team a way to our first victory !! 78:42 !!

On our second game we traveled to Newry to play against local ''Fliers'' a good team with many good players and a lot of big lads under the basket... The start of the game was so intense that our Coach R.Bartkus almost got a technical foul but thanks to the referee Fiona who managed to set the game to the good level. Before the half time the score were almost tied, but we struggled against ''Fliers'' zone defense in second half because of the height of opponents players...A lot of good plays by Vitalijus Stonevicius and Osvaldas Genevicius led our team to good position and wih 1.29 min. left the score was 43:41 we were behind only by two points, but then the lack of experience led us to some bad decisions on the court...A man of the match Vitalijus Stonevicius tried to win by him own and forgot about the other players around him, and of course ''Fliers'' were waiting for that and putted him to the ''Box''...In the last 1.29 min our team couldn't ''Find'' the basket and the game was lost 49-41.... A good lesson for our lads and our coaches !!!

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