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Rematch from the last year against ''Fliers''

Last year we went to Newry to play our second match in our history and first in a cup, that time we lost to ''Fliers'' by 31 point ( It's still our worst game ever) and finished our performance in cup, but since last year a lot of things have changed in our squad and this time we wen't to win .

The start of the match were slow, our men were to much relaxed and couldn't get the right emotion to play harder, that's why the game were tied, and our lads got stuck in ''Fliers'' zone defense , but after the half time, most by coach Rolandas Bartkus and Assistant Darius Surginas talks we managed to fire up our lads and started to go in front minute after minute. ''Bc Wolves'' won this match by 21 point (68-89) and made few records. For the first time we have scored 19 three point shoots, and Darius Surginas set his name in 4th place on our top scorers per one with 31 point and repeated Robertas Gurskas record with 9 three point shoots per game !! -- Most points per game: Darius Surginas with 31 point and 9 three pointers , Modestas Sekstins with 20 points and 4 three pointers, Martynas Kubeckis 11 points and 3 three pointers, and Rolandas Bartkus also with 11 points.

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