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Close Defeat against ''Belfast Star''

''Bc Wolves'' went to play our first ''Cup'' match in Belfast against last Year ''Premier'' league and ''Cup'' winners, and probably one of the best team in Northern Ireland ''Belfast Star''. An Old club which also plays in Ireland's ''Super League'', and has a lot of experience in high quality games. While our team is mixed from last years sqaud and 7 new players who joined us this season and now we just need to get better connection on the basketball court to stop doing stupid mistakes.

The game started just as expected nervous, both teams exchanged first points just after the whistle, but our main shooters where empty from three point line while ''Stars'' player number ''9'' made two in a row and put home team in front. After ''Wolves'' time out, we made few great offenses but opponents where doing the same, and you could see that ''Stars'' were taking to control areas on defense especially under the basket and our two postman K.Jurkynas and R.Bartkus where struggling with rebounds and scoring points under the basket. First period ended 25-17 ''Stars'' in front. Second period where the same as first one, a lot of offense plays by both teams, and some nice scores by D.Surginas and R.Gurskas - those two players started to shoot three pointers, but ''Stars'' where doing the same. No breakthrough, and just before the half time scoreboard showed 49-42, ''Stars'' in front by 7 points.

After the half time some changes where made, and ''Wolves'' started to play zone 3x2 defense and it started to work, good defense led to some great shoots by D.Surginas and R.Gurskas, the score were tied after 4 minutes, and then, till the end of the match, the winning team on the score changed more then 10 times. On the third period, number ''9'' from the ''Stars'' was the main player that pushed home team to front. The score showed. 65-64 - 1 point by ''Stars''. The last ten minutes where a real drama on the court, 57 points where scored by both teams in just 10 minutes, from ''Bc Wolves'' - most by D.Surginas and M.Kubeckis while from ''Stars'', all players started to score. With 15.1 s left the score was 91-90, ''Bc Wolves'' where behind but with the ball in there hands, a call was made by a referee the game stopped, we all where thinking that a foul where called but then referee canceled his call ! ''Stars'' took a time out and ''Wolves'' lost good offensive position because our opponents set there defense. While trying to pass the ball from the side line, our one the main players R.Gurskas got offensive foul and the ball went to ''Stars'' hands. We tried to make a foul as soon as we can but K.Jurkynas fouled a player when he passed the ball and was without it - referee called unsportsmanlike foul. The ''Stars'' went in front by 4 and there where no time left to get back... 95-91...

A good match against a very good team ! Even that we lost, we started to play a better basketball and we will continue to train and learn from our mistakes !!! Top scorers : Darius Surginas 36 points and 7 three pointers, Robertas Gurskas 22 points and 6 three pointers, Martynas Kubeckis 12 points and 2 three pointers.

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