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Easy Victory in Belfast ( Division - 2 )

Bc Wolves 76, Belfast Pumas 63. After a black weekend, not able to regenerate our energy after the lost match, not being able to fully focus and get in the mindset we had to get ourselves together against Belfast Pumas. We had an amazing time, the atmosphere was great and also prevailing team work, almost every team player was scoring and was fighting until the end. Our nights leader was "Juozas Kurbatavicius" who scored 17 points which included 4 three pointers. Not far from him another great play by "Martynas Meliunas" with 15 points and also "Mindaugas Masauskas" with 12 points. "Edgaras Lembertas" with 9 points, "Lukas Norbutas" also with 9 points, "Vytautas Petryla" with 6 points, "Modestas Siaudvytis" with 4 points, "Vygantas Gaucys" with 2 points and lastly "Mantas Solominas" also with 2 points.

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