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''Towers'' & ''Wolves'' will work together for the kids !

Two Local based basketball clubs, ''Tyrone Towers'' - based in Dungannon Leisure Centre and ''BC Wolves'' - based in Cookstown Leisure Centre have joined forces in a cross community effort as children in their respective junior teams both commenced joint Towers training this past weekend in Dungannon Leisure Centre. Record numbers were recorded in sessions this weekend, which look to grow from strength to strength as the season progresses. ''Bc Wolves'' Coach R.Bartkus Said '' We do understand that on senior level we will compete and will try to ''beat'' each other on every game, but when it comes to kids, it would be smart to join our local and Lithuanian basketball knowledge in effort to grow a new generation of basketball players in different communities at Mid - Ulster'' .

Only the time will tell how it will go on, but at least for now, after the first training sessions it looks like it is getting better and that it will work for everybody !

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