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Bc Wolves won the Cookstown Derby!!

Yesterday, second round of the Division 1 league were played at Cookstown Leisure Between Two teams that play's at the same court, ''Bc Wolves'' against ''United Lt Bc'', club that separated from ''Wolves'' this season. So the tension was high, and that could be seen by the people attendance - Full court of spectators.

The Game started with ''Wolves'' taking a lead, most by V.Pauza drives under the basket, but then ''United'' started to shoot three pointers ( 3 in a row in just a two minutes) but at the same time they managed to get 4 team fouls in the first 3 minutes (10 in total at the first quarter). So after the first 10 minutes the score was 26 - 17. Wolves In front. But at the second period'' United Continued to shoot from far away, scored 4 three pointers more and because of some bad ball movement by ''Wolves'' and that only almost one player, again V.Pauza, scored for ''Wolves't' the score before time out melted to 38-36.

The Third Quarter again started with bombardment from ''United'' and they even managed to go up in front by 7 points in the first 5 minutes of the quarter, but then R.Bartkus scored some hard shoots, with total 15points in 7 minutes and before the last quarter the score was tide 63-63.

The last 10 Minutes lasted half an hour, a lot of fouls, the crowd was making an overwhelming noise and because of that it was even hard to hear referee whistle. R.Bartkus started the game with full confident by setting screens and giving assists but then a fifth foul were whistled and it was questionable one, because N.Montvidas made it while Bartkus was standing behind his back about feet distance, but somehow referee gave a fuol to him and that led to a Technical foul for the same R.Bartkus - the game with 6 minutes left was done for him. But then again V.Pauza and A.Malinauskas made some hard cuts under the basket to go in front by 6 points, but again, tree pointers from ''United'' started to rain. And when the difference between teams was only two points D.Miklovis made a three pointer and his hands haven't shaked on the free throw line when he was fould. Victory by 5 points 82-77. ''United'' made 12 three point shoots while ''Wolves'' made only two, there was 64 fouls whistled in total, 2 technical fouls, and a great show for spectators.

Honorable mentions, a great defense by S.Borovokovas, V.Petryla, N.Montvidas and some great help from other players helped to reach our second victory. Also a big thanks for ''United'' that made this game special and congratulations with the new and very good players, well done, it was nice to meet some old friends !!

R. Bartkus 23 ( 1 3point.) V. Pauza 18 D. Miklovis 9 (1 3point.) S. Razmus 8 N. Montvidas 7 A. Malinauskas 6 T. Burbulis 4 S. Borovkovas 4 V. Petryla 2 E. Griskaitis 1

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