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Victory at NICC Cup and Rough Start for '' Bc Wolves III ''

Basketball finally Started ! Last Thursday our premier squad and brand new Senior team ''Bc Wolves III '' went to play away games in there first Season games. While Premier side had no problems dealing with ''Omagh Thunder '' and won the game by 40 points ( 100 : 60 ), the 3rd ''Wolves'' tam took first loss in Belfast against ''Queens Eagles'' (67:42) , last years 2nd place winners in ''Division-1'' league, the squad is still looking to find a right game plan that would suit there stile of play and would cover the low experience on the court, but as we know from our club history - time is the best friend to learn new things and start winning. MVP's for the Division-1 Game; Tadas Vietrinas and Tomas Burbulis.

Saturday was a big day for our club, because for the first time in our club history we played outside Northern Ireland in '' NICC Cup '' competition. First opponent was well known from Blitz tournaments - ''Bc Leixlip Zalgiris - 2 '' from Dublin. The south squad broth supporters so the game were played as it should be played in a Cup - close score till the end and a hard battle on the court while both team fans were supporting loud. But at the end ''Wolves'' took the win by 4 points and now will go to Bantry - 316 miles from Cookstown !!

MVP-Adam Czuprak.

Huge loss for ''Bc Wolves '' losing there Captain R.Gurskas just after few minutes in to the game.

''Bc Wolves III'' squad during time out in Belfast

Player Stats Against ''Bc Leixlip Zalgiris-2''

Player Stats against ''Omagh Thunder''

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