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''3x3 Academy'' - Comes with great success!

Busy four weeks for the ''3x3 Academy'' that were organised by local ''BC Wolves'' basketball club. This kind of format of academy was the first one in Northern Ireland completely dedicated to develop 3x3 basketball as a sport and to help individuals to understand the differences from standard basketball competition. With the 3x3 sport is growing worldwide and especially in the UK after it was included in the commonwealth games, it is a great opportunity to grow our future talents locally.

The Academy itself lasted for four weeks with training sessions during the weekdays and all around tournaments for every age group each Saturday. In the events organised we managed to include players and teams from all over Ireland with more than a 100 kids participating. One of the main event organizers R.Bartkus said:''It was an exceptional feeling to see kids coming all across the Ireland to visit us at a Cookstown Leisure center and participate in our events which put the level of the tournaments on the highest standard level, we really do hope that this academy will bring attention to the sport itself so we all can grow together''.

During the summer ''Bc Wolves'' promised to organise more events so stay tuned!


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