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3x3 and the Future of ''Wolves''

We will start this article by skipping what had happened in the last 18 months and will start everything from a scratch...New teams, new plans and new direction for the club is underway! Please have a read below !

''FIBA 3x3''

''Bc Wolves'' were always keen introducing something new to the Basketball Community in Northern Ireland and 3x3 FIBA* (Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur) recognised Tournaments will become a big part of the Basketball Community not just around the world but also in our local Communities. 3x3 got a main popularity hit when it became a part of the Olympic games and will take a place in the ''Common Wealth Games'' in Birmingham 2022. ''Team NI'' will play a part in it and everyone will be able to see them participating in our annual tournament on 25th of September here in Cookstown.

We also know that 3x3 will play a huge part in developing basketball in areas where it isn't recognised as a main sport but have small amount of people that just loves the game and wishes to learn and develop, it will help especially with Underage players to kick off with small numbers attending !

''Bc Wolves Underage and Women Training''

Just before the Halloween 2020 we started to run underage basketball which became a big success between girls and boys, but we were stopped at the very start of the Lockdown and had to postpone all the plans...The pause, which lasted a year, hit us hard in the numbers of volunteers which affects our plans to re-establish our Underage squad...But we have a hope that a meeting on 12th Of September will give some answers where we will go as a club for our kids...Huge Enquiries from the local community is giving us hope that we might come back again on the court with girls and boys playing basketball !!

We also will start Women basketball training sessions on Sundays - The Idea is to get involved Women even without any skill of basketball to come, learn and start living a more healthy life style becoming a part of our basketball community.

''Bc Wolves Seniors''

While we lost some quality players due ''Brexit'' and ''Covid-19'' (Some older players become out of shape lol), we still will be able to gather 3 Senior men teams to participate in BNI Premier and Division-1 leagues ! For the last 6 years we were main contenders for the Finals and League winners so our goal is to stay on the top in NI even during these hard times!!


The love for the sport is bringing us back again to do and play what we love and we will share this with everyone that wants to be our big family! We hope that the struggles that we have at the moment will become a main core and motivation to get back stronger than ever !!!


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