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''3x3 Summer End Tournament'' - Mid Ulster Council

The court of Cookstown, Northern Ireland, were ablaze with intense basketball action as the "3x3 Summer End" tournament concluded with a spectacular showdown. This thrilling event, featuring 11 formidable teams, brought the region's basketball 3x3 enthusiasts together for an unforgettable display of skill, and passion for the game.

The final clash saw a titanic battle between two powerhouses: "Dublin Vytis" and "Team DUB." Both teams had showcased their prowess throughout the tournament, and it was only fitting that they faced off in the championship game.

After a nail-biting contest, "Dublin Vytis" emerged victorious, securing the coveted first place. Their remarkable teamwork, strategic plays, and individual brilliance propelled them to the summit of the tournament. The runners-up, "Team DUB," displayed incredible sportsmanship and determination, pushing their opponents to the limits in a valiant effort to clinch the title.

Notably, the local "BC Wolves" had been a force to be reckoned with throughout the competition. Unfortunately, their journey to secure a podium finish was cut short due to an unfortunate incident. Daniel Stewart, a key player in the "BC Wolves" squad, suffered a knee injury that forced them to cancel their match for the third-place playoff. Despite this setback, their commendable efforts and unwavering spirit did not go unnoticed.

The final standings of the "3x3 Summer End" tournament were as follows:

  1. "Dublin Vytis"

  2. "Team DUB"

  3. "Inter IE"

  4. "BC Wolves"

  5. "Komanda X"

  6. "Powertac Manufacturing Wolves"

  7. "BC Leixlip Zalgiris 2"

  8. "Hard2Guard"

The tournament wasn't just about fierce competition; it also served as a platform to bring the local basketball community together. As the final buzzer sounded and the confetti rained down on the court, it was evident that this tournament had left an indelible mark on both participants and fans.


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