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Bc Wolves-CD Sheds with a win against Mid Ulster Wolves

After 19 Months of waiting, finally we can say that the Basketball is back! The very first Basketball Northern Ireland league game was played between two teams from the same "Bc Wolves" club.

The young lads from "Bc Wolves-CD Sheds" were motivated to beat the "Mid Ulster Wolves" which mainly is built from our veteran players.

The youth started to Overrun from the first Quarter and with badly organised "Mid Ulster squad" had no issues and went ahead by 17 points , mostly by brothers Ernestas & Osvaldas effort ....While after the half time it looked that "Ulster Wolves" have no chance, a big step up was done by Dominykas Zirlys and Rolandas Bartkus - both fought for every ball and in the last quarter managed to cut the deficit and go ahead by 5, but for the last minutes the "power went down" and "Bc Wolves - CD Sheds" took the Win by 8 points.

It was a great success and Motivation for the young fellas to train more and go for the highest spot in The Division-1 Table. But the "Mid Ulster Wolves" also have a lot of "powder" in the pockets, with Mantas Zukas & Dominykas Zirlys joining our squad and the other boys will step up with their physio to!


CD Sheds Top Scorers: Ernestas Genevicius 19 pts; Osvaldas Genevicius 17pts; Stonevičius Vitalijus 12pts.

Mid Ulster Wolves Top Scorers: Rolandas Bartkus 24pts; Žydrūnas Šadauskas 15pts; Dominykas Žirlys 8 pts.

It was great to be back after all this time !!!😎👊


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