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BC Wolves - Premier League Champions!

With two games still left to play, ''Wolves'' won their 4th Premier League ''Title'' in BNI competition. A great achievement by our senior squad and an example set for our growing junior boys and girls section.

The game against ''Ballymena BC'' were taken seriously by every team member. All of the players came with only one thing in their mind: ''Let's close the regular season tonight''.

The game started with Full concentration by ''Wolves'' men especially by locking up the ''Ballymena'' squad in defense, only 7 points scored in the first 10 minutes by the guests and 27 by ''Wolves'' left a big gap to start the game with confident. E.Saulytis, A.Czuprak and D.Stewart were in control of the game from the start!

Second quarter showed that the long bench of the ''Wolves'' is helping to keep up with the game pace, and even that ''Ballymena'' tried to come back to the game, they were hit by amazing shooting behind the arc by E.Genevicius and S.Villavla. The First half ended with score 49-28 to ''Wolves''.

The Second half was similar.... even that at one stage guests managed to cut the lead by 11 points, they were just to tired, and the substitutions were not equal in terms of players skills. The game ended with Final score 85-69 and ''Wolves'' with their 4th ''Premier League Title'' in a row! Now ''Wolves'' will finish the regular season with two games left that have no impact for us and will prepare to fight for playoff's and BNI Cup Title!

Top Scorers:

E.Genevicius 18 points.

A.Czuprak - 17 points.

S.Villavla - 13 points.


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