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Great start of the year for our Juniors!

As our seniors will start their second half of the season in mid of January, we are taking this opportunity to Highlight this weekend's games for our Juniors.

U-16's boys team keeps on working and is holding strong at the top of the Table with their first win of the Year and 7th in the Row. This time against guests from Belfast ''Phoenix'' BC. The game itself started very rough for both teams as the Christmas break showed some stiffness in the skills for both teams but as the game went on ''Wolves'' managed to take Control and hold the game in their hands till the very end with the final score 53:31.

Top Scorers for the Wolves.

K. O'Neill 14 Points T. Genevicius 12 Points E. Zadoroznyj 12 Points L. Pauza 8 Points N. Zaveckas 3 Points T. Daracius 2 Points

R. Mccullough 2 Points

Second game of the weekend was played by our U-14's squad which is one of the youngest in the league by age and the opponents that they faced were a strong ''Omagh Thunder'' squad that already gave us our first lesson last year with an easy win against our clubs during the very first game in the Competition last year, so for our club it was a chance to compare ourselves how we developed. And the view was completely different, the game from the first minutes were close with both teams going in front and back by only a maximum 4 point difference which was a great view for parents and every spectator. Unfortunately a few mistakes led during the last two minutes ''Omagh'' managed to get a few points ahead and won the game by 5 points!

Overall the coaches are happy with what they see and the improvements in the squad.

Top Scorers:

K.Orzel 4 Points D.McCrory 17 Points C.Beatie 2 Points D.King 2 Points E.Campbell 2 Points K.Zokaitis 4 Points


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