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''Mid Ulster Wolves'' in a chase for ''Division-1 title''

While ''BC Wolves'' premier squad have already won the ''Premier''' league and are comfortable waiting for the playoff's, with there last league game played against ''Ulster University Tigers - 2'' which ended in a Victory with a final score 93-86:

Top Scorers:

R.Bartkus - 23 Points.

S.Villavla - 17 Points.

A.Czuprak - 15 Points.

E.Saulytis - 10 Points.

E.Genevicius - 7 Points.

The ''Division-1'' team is still battling trying to get to the top spot in the league, the only issue is that the final standings are not in their hands, as ''Wolves'' are waiting for the result between ''Ballymena BC'' and ''North Star Warriors'' final result. Nevertheless '' Mid Ulster Wolves'' had a big game against ''Omagh Thunder'' who had even better chances to win the league with the record of just one loss and 13 wins. The game as expected started with a lot of emotions from both teams, with a lot of physicality and plenty of work for the referees who felt the pressure not just from the players, but also from the spectators that came to support both teams. First Half ended with a 27-29 with ''Thunder'' in front as the ''Wolves'' just couldn't get the rhythm and missed to many opened shoots, and opponents used every mistake to their advantage, and with amazing plays by Omagh big man T.Wier who scored 12 out of his 15 total points in the game they had the control.

''Wolves'' coach had to make some changes in the second half and double the defense to try to get T.Wier out of the game even with the risk leaving open ''Thunder'' point guards. But the risk showed Results, as the ''Wolves'' managed to warn out the big men under the basket, and managed not just to come back but to get a solid win in the last 5 minutes with the final score 72-57 to ''Wolves''!!

Top Scorers:

E. Genevicius 18, V.Stonevičius 16, O. Genevicius 12, P. Pocius 9.


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