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New Year struggles for ''BC Wolves''

With the New year bouncing in and almost one month without senior league games both ''Wolves'' Division-1 and Premier Teams found it hard to get the rhythm to continue the year with the same form they Finished.

The first game were played in Donaghmore against local rivals ''Tyrone Towers-2' in Division-1 League. Our ''Mid Ulster Wolves'' ending the year with 5/0 record and sitting at the top of the table couldn't get the motion of the game that they were used to. and ended the first half with 36-30 down by 6 to ''Towers-2''. After the break between quarters, ''Wolves'' came back but get stuck physically and with lack of stamina they couldn't get the control of the game, while ''Towers-2'' started to runaway with the score between teams getting stretched to ''Towers-2'' side. The 10 minutes of the third quarter is usually crucial but were lost 19-10 which meant that ''Mid Ulster Wolves'' is going to the last quarter with 15 points deficit. The last period haven't showed any sign of coming back, and with more than 20 free Throws missed the game ended with final score 73-53 to ''Towers-2'' won.

Top Scorers for ''Mid Ulster Wolves'''

V.Pauza - 10 Points.

O.Genevicius - 16 Points.

Now the Premier squad, who also had the perfect record before the new year with seven wins out of seven,traveled to play against strong ''Belfast Star'' side. The first match up ended with a close win for ''Wolves'' so this game were looked into as a great match up in the ''Premier league''. But the first 10 minutes become a nightmare for the ''Wolves'' as for the first 10 minutes ''Wolves'' couldn't fin a bucket while ''Stars'' were scoring almost without any mistake. The quarter ended with score 30-11 with ''Stars'' showing they will take the win that evening. But '' Wolves'' had to show the character, and managed to bounce back in the second half when with 4 minutes left the score between the teams became only 5 points. But the bad start and the energy that were putted in to come back to the game led that there were no power to change the game tides and the ''Star'' got the well deserved win 97-83.

''BC Wolves'' coaching staff were unhappy with the performance in the defense end because the team were averaging letting opponents to score 59.6 points per game so to get 97 points in was unacceptable.

Nevertheless the team is still in a good position to fight for the title with 7/1 record.

Stats of the Game.

Daniel Stewart: Reb:3 1pts 0/1 0%, 2pts 4/4 100%, 3pts 3/6 50%, Turnovers: 7, Steals:2, Assists:2 Blocks :0, Fouls:3, Provoked Fouls:3

+13 Index Rating (17 points)

Adam Czuprak: Reb:5 1pts 3/6 50%, 2pts 5/8 67%, 3pts 3/6 50%, Turnovers: 5, Steals:4, Assists:2 Blocks :0, Fouls:0, Provoked Fouls:5

+21 Index Rating (22 points)

Vidmantas Kazlauskas: Reb:6 1pts 0/0 0%, 2pts 1/5 20%, 3pts 0/0 0%, Turnovers: 4, Steals:1, Assists:2 Blocks :0, Fouls:2, Provoked Fouls:0

+1 Index Rating (2 points)

Rolandas Bartkus: Reb:5 1pts 1/3 33%, 2pts 5/10 50%, 3pts 0/0 0%, Turnovers: 4, Steals:1, Assists:3 Blocks :1, Fouls:4, Provoked Fouls: 5

+11 Index Rating (11 points)

Dominykas Kazlauskas: Reb:0 1pts 1/2 50%, 2pts 0/0 0%, 3pts 0/0 0%, Turnovers: 2, Steals:0, Assists:0 Blocks :0, Fouls:3, Provoked Fouls:1

-4 Index Rating (1 point)

Zygimantas Radzevicius: Reb:6 1pts 0/0 0%, 2pts 2/3 0%, 3pts 0/0 0%, Turnovers: 2, Steals:1, Assists:1 Blocks :0, Fouls:1, Provoked Fouls:0

+8 Index Rating (4 points)

Ernestas Genevicius: Reb:6 1pts 1/3 33%, 2pts 5/6 82%, 3pts 0/4 0%, Turnovers: 1, Steals:1, Assists:4 Blocks:0 , Fouls:3, Provoked Fouls: 1

+12 Index Rating (11 points)

Vitalijus Stonevicius: Reb:4 1pts 0/1 0%, 2pts 5/8 62%, 3pts 0/3 0%, Turnovers: 5, Steals:1, Assists:6 Blocks : 0 , Fouls:1, Provoked Fouls: 2

+7 Index Rating (10 points)

Nerijus Kersis : Reb:5 1pts 1/2 50%, 2pts 2/4 50%, 3pts 0/0 0%, Turnovers: 2, Steals:1, Assists:4 Blocks : 0 , Fouls:1 , Provoked Fouls: 2

+12 Index Rating (5 points)

Team Stats

3pts 6/19 32%

2pts 29/48 60%

1pts 7/18 38%

Turnovers: 32

Assists: 24

Rebounds: 40

Steals: 12

Blocks: 1

Provoked F: 17

Team PIR+: +79


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