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NICC Cup Finished in Cookstown

‼️‼️Ačiū, Ačiū, Ačiū ‼️‼️ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ‼️‼️

The Cup Game went not in our favor with the Score 91-87 and a close loss against Mallow Basketball CLUB. But we are so proud of our Supporters and fans that came this Sunday and watched this match - You all were amazing and second to none!!! This kind of set up will be with all home games for the Premier Team!!! 😍


The Game Started with Opponents going in front 17:9 while the ''Wolves'' couldn't cope with the big men under the basket from guests from Mallow, but with few changes in the roster we managed to go to 16:4 run and finished first 10 minutes by 4 points ahead, mostly by Žygis Radz defense and rebounding following with great shooting by Daniel Takalua and Ádám Czuprák.

The first 10 Minutes showed that this will be a close game and it stayed during all match, with both teams going front and back during the whole game.

A great game were played Stonevičius Vitalijus who became the MVP with Massive 28 points on his name, while Daniel Takalua with his debut game scored 20 points. Ádám Czuprák & Žygis Radz both scored 11 points. Ernestas Genevicius 8 Points.

The Game showed great potential from the squad and with everyone back in shape and with our big guys Eidmantas Saulytis and Vidma Kazlauskas recovering from injuries the future looks promising!


See you soon !!!


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