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Premier Men & U-16's Staying at the TOP of their leagues

This weekend brought in 4 games between all the teams playing for the ''BC Wolves''. First one and one of the most important match of the weekend were played against Premier league table neighbours ''Belfast Phoenix BC''. a loss against them would have putted ''Wolves'' in a hard position to fight for the league title especially after the loss against ''Belfast Star'' last week.

The match started with a great team play efforts between every player that were on the court, as ''Phoenix'' had the speed, '' Wolves'' were pushing everything using strength and force under the basket to get the points. The first quarter were dominated by ''Wolves'' big men with N.Kersis & V.Kazlauskas scoring six points each and A.Czuprak getting nine points by him self to end the quarter with the Score 29:19 to ''Wolves''.

For the second quarter ''Wolves''' hit a higher gear and started to overrun the guests from Belfast with seven different players scoring points. The first half ended with Score 49-33.

After the second half the view changed and you could feel that ''Wolves'' started to Celebrate to early, and with ''Phoenix'' terrific shooting ,the gap started to shrink, when at one point the difference between the teams became just two points - that's the price you might pay if you celebrate to early. But after few substitutions ''Wolves'' managed to bounce back and in a few minutes to end the game with a 14 point lead 90-76.

We also as a club are very proud of our U-16's player Erik Zadoroznyj who had his debut at age 15 in the main squad and performed well while scoring 6 points and showing that his hard work starts to pay off!

Top Scorers:

A.Czuprak - 25 Points.

V.Kazlauskas - 12 Points.

N.Kersis - 12 Points

D.Stewart - 9 Points.

R.Bartkus - 9 Points.

E.Genevicius - 9 Points.

E.Zadoroznyj - 6 Points.

Second Game Were played in a Division-1 League. ''North Star'' arrived looking for a rematch after a very close loss last time against ''Mid Ulster Wolves''. This time,s same as the previous, the game showed to be a close match up during the whole 40 minutes till the last offence when ''Star'' took the win and ended the game by final score 74-69. This was the second loss for ''Mid Ulster Wolves'' in a very tight division.

Top Scorers:

P.Pocius - 15 Points.

O.Genevicius - 11 Points.

Z.Radzevicius - 9 Points.

S.Razmus - 9 Points.

Z.Sadauskas - 8 Points.

L.Lapukas - 6 Points.

U-16's played their 11th game of the Season, and this time hosted Magherafelt ''Titans'' players. While the opponents are way more bigger and stronger physically this time they were no match for more skillful ''Wolves'' squad. The young ''cubs'' started to take the control in their own hands from the first minutes and with great plays by L.Pauza, T.Genevicius and E.Zadoroznyj managed to get in front by 20:0. All the rest of the game were played by every player to get that game play feeling for everyone on the court. The game ended with Final Score 64:42. Next week ''Wolves'' will play a league winner decider game against Strong Drogheda ''Wolves'' squad who are also main contenders to win the league!

Top Scorers:

E.Zadoroznyj - 19 Points.

L.Pauza - 14 Points.

T.Genevicius - 12 Points.

T.Daracius - 10 Points.

K.O'Neill - 4 Points.

N.Zaveckas - 3 Points.

A.Stonys - 2 Points.

K.Simonavicius - 1 Point.

The U-14's trip to Newry were not very lucky, with number of player missing due the weather conditions, ''Wolves'' had to take a hard loss against strong ''Fliers'' team who are at the top of the league. Nevertheless the ''Wolves'' coaching staff were happy to see that the main issue was the height and not the difference in skill, so the continues work soon will bring better results for the team!

Top Scorer:

D.McCrorry - 12 Points.


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