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Season Finished with 3 Titles in the Pocket!

What a hard and great year we had coming back after the Covid-19 Isolations and the Lockdowns. For the season 2021-2022 ''BC Wolves'' managed to bring 3 Senior teams to competition and win 3 Titles between them and also 4 personal MVP Awards!

Modestas Sekstins

Ernestas Genevicius

Vitalijus Stonevicius

Zydrunas Sadauskas

''Premier'' BC Wolves

'BC Wolves'' main Premier league team had a mixed season but managed to win The Premier league Title for the 3rd in a row.

This year brought many issues in regards of players missing the games due injuries or having to self isolate because of the Covid-19.

Nevertheless, winning the ''Premier'' title, and reaching a ''Championship'' final is still counted as a success season!

Next years plans are simple - Gather up the best players to play for the Main team. Mix between youth and experience should be fit to play not just in the Basketball Northern Ireland competition but also we are looking to come back to compete in NICC Cup !

''Division-1'' BC Wolves-CD Sheds

''BC Wolves - CD Sheds'' our youngest team in the club, mainly gathered by the players from our first season with U16 few years ago. But Same as in 2018, the season were finished with 2 titles in the pocket. While the squad finished 3rd in the league at the end of the season they regrouped and took the ''Plate'' and ''Championship'' Finals from the ''Tyrone Towers''.

The Final game of the season was the sweetest in the recent years...Being behind by 11 points in the Last Period squad managed to overturn the game and forced the Overtime which led to Winning the ''Championship'' !

As the Club Manager said: '' The youth were given a chance to prove them self this season with support of our Veterans - And they did! We can't be more proud of them!!''

''Division-1'' Mid Ulster Wolves

''Mid Ulster Wolves'' in the 2021/2022 had a lot of challenges to overcome to finish the year.

While the start of the year looked promising with players Like Dominykas Zirlys & Mantas Zukas. But Injuries have left the team with only 6 players on the rooster with 7 Injuries that finished the Season for the affected players... Nevertheless the players that were still on the court showed spirit and will to play till the end.

The Squad finished 4th in the ''Division-1'' League and Reach Semi Finals in ''Plate'' and ''Championship'' competitions - good season for our Veterans which will be looking to come back next year!


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