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Season Open against UUT2 in Belfast!

Premier Team started season with a WIN in Belfast!

It was not an easy come back to play just 24 hours after a loss in the Cup game and especially with all the injuries that hit our club in the last days. But our squad managed to man up and play against young and fast UUT2 team! First Half started with our men going in front by 18:10 with only one minute left but ''Tigers'' managed to Score 7 points without any answer from the ''Wolves'' and the first 10 minutes ended with being just 1 point ahead of opponents. The 2nd and 3rd period were a top class defense performance by both teams. In these 20 minutes ''Tigers Scored'' just 22 points and ''Wolves'' were a wee bit better with 26. Before going to the last period, ''Wolves'' were just 5 points ahead so the last 10 minutes were to decide who will win. The game it self become very open and points based, ''Tigers'' managed to get close to ''Wolves'' by just 3 points, but then in the last minutes Sergi Villalva Gisbert provoked fouls, Stonevičius Vitalijus along with Daniel Takalua fast pace lay ups and a huge play by Žygis Radz with offensive rebound followed by two points and a foul ended the last 10 minutes with a score 20:22 and with Final Score 57-66 Win for a ''Wolves''

HUGE THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORTERS THAT CAME TO BELFAST Top Scorers: V.Stonevicius 19 D.Stewart - 18 S.Gisbert - 13 N.Kersis - 8


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