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Two Important wins !

What a long weekend for Premier ''Bc Wolves'' who are still in a fight for a third in a row ''Premier league title'' and ''Bc Wolves-CD Sheds'' who were playing semi final in a ''Plate'' competition against ''Omagh Thunder''.


''BC Wolves'' (11/1) were hosting strong ''Ballymena BC'' (9/3) this Saturday in Cookstown leisure centre to stay in a fight for a third ''Premier League title'' in a row.

While ''Wolves'', two days prior this game, were visiting ''Ballymena BC'' to play rescheduled match from early in the season and got beaten badly by 22 points with the final score 98-76...It looked it will be same the same story at home court with all the injuries (6 players missing from the main squad due injuries and Covid-19).

But our youth stepped up big time, and with Vitalijus Stonevicius 19 points, Ernestas Genevicius three 3 pointers and Nedas Macijauskas huge effort in the defence and rebounding, our men managed to win the game by 4 points 64-60 and now is one Win away to win the Premier league title. The mix between experience and youth worked well


Now on Friday we had one of the most important game this year - ''Plate Competition'' Semi Final between our young boys ''Bc Wolves - CD Sheds'' and ''Omagh Thunder''.

From the very first minutes of the game both teams went head to head and were always close to each other with only few points difference. Hard game and a hard defence left our V.Stonevicius on the bench at the end of the third period with four fouls same as opponent leader C.McKinney. But both teams found other leaders and the tough game continued till the end. The hard game continued till the last seconds but ''Wolves'' took the win a spot in the Finals with a result 73-66.

We have to mention the huge effort by L.Klevaitis on a defence same as a great shooting performance by E.Genevicius and everyone else !!!!!


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