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Two victorys in a row at Bni Men's Plate

Last monday ''Bc Wolves'' went a long way to Letterkenny to play against local ''Blaze'' team in ''BNI Men's Plate'' competition at eighth final match - who wins, will go to the quarte final. The ''Blaze'' is from higher ''division 1'' but this year they are struggling to show a good performance at the league games, so ''Bc Wolves'' haven't felt a lot of pre game pressure and just knew what they had to do. Even with only half squad registered for the match, only the first period was won by ''Blaze'' 18-17. But after it the ''Wolves'' got warmed up and started to push forward on offense and stay focused on zone defense. And by that, the match was won by 33 points 47-80 and a ticket to quarter final was given to the ''Wolves''!!!!!! Top scorers - Robertas Gurskas with 29 points and 7 three pointers, and also Edgaras Lembertas with 18 points.

On the Thursday evening we played quarter final match in Omagh against ''Thunder'' team. Again, a higher ''Division 1'' team who holds second place on a table was a threat to our ''Final Four'' destination. The atmosphere on the court was amazing, with full crowd of spectators from ''Thunder'' side and about 20 fans from ''Wolves'' side!!!!

As usual the start of the match wasn't that good as we hoped, Robertas Gurskas tried to take the initiative to his hands, made some great shoots, but also was over whelmed by ''Thunder'' Defense, and during one of the offensive plays two on two, was stoped by the ''Thunders'' player and lost the ball, Gurskas lost his temper and stared to shout to the referee why there wasn't a foul called and got a technical foul, and ofcourse he wasn't happy about it and started trash talk to referee who eventually caled another technical foul and the main player of the ''Bc Wolves'' had to leave the court.

Even with the Captain out, ''Bc Wolves'' haven't started to panic, and most of Rolandas Bartkus individual players we went forward by 22 points on the second period. But we knew that it won't be that easy to win with two periods left. After the half time, ''Thunders'' changed man on man defense to zone, and we started to stuck on the offensive play with first 5 minutes on the third period with no points, while ''Thunders'' were on ''Fire''. The score melted to 11 points for us, but then we catched our second breath and started to paly more as a team and again we went in front again. The last period was only for the statistics, ''Thunders'' had no chance to catch us and we won the match 58 - 87. The Ticket To Semi Final was in our pocket !!!! Top Scorers of the match - Rolandas Bartkus with 41 point and Sarunas Razmus with 13 points.


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