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First defeat this season !!

After a terrific start from '' Bc Wolves '' with a few victories, a bad period started for us, first our U16 lost a game in Newry, then our second team lost Against ''Bisons'' and now we played one of our worst matches ever against AndersonsTown ''Tigers'' and we lost it by 11 points.

Even that three players from our starting five weren't registered , it can't be an excuse for the game that we showed... No respect for our opponents led us to a game where it looked like nobody want's to play... Most of the team members have forgotten that behind our backs we have a lot of supporters who drives with us in away matches instead doing something else for them selves...

The start of the match was chaotic with a lot of missed lay ups, silly mistakes, and poor rebounding on the both sides, while ''Tigers'' played simple basketball with a zone defense 2-3, and some nice movements of the ball in offense...And our lads couldn't do nothing, just to try to chase the score which grow slowly but steady...

Event that for third period we let to play our main players that we had that day the things even got worse, the ''Tigers'' went in front by 20 points while our lads looked who to blame for the poor performance, everything that we worked on training sessions and all the things that R.Bartkus and D.Surginas told on time outs were forgotten just after every whistle... The game ended with a score Andersonstown ''Tigers 72-61 ''Bc Wolves''. Our MVP for the night Tomas Burbulis with 10 points, M.Sekstins scored 14 points, M.Kubeckis 12 points, R.Gurskas 11 points.

The conclusion - We need to stop thinking as individuals but start to work as a team...It's hard because we have half of a new squad and we need just to set things down...Remember that we are playing not for our self, but for our team and fans !!!! It was good kick in a nuts and thank you ''Tigers'' for doing that !!!

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