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''Wolves'' won against ''Towers'' at Div-1 !!!

This Sunday ''Wolves'' proved again that this year they are a ''big deal'' in both leagues , Premier and Division - 1 !! One more Victory against our main Rivals in Mid-Ulster '' Tyrone Towers''.

The Start of the game looked that will be easy walk for ''Wolves'' with lead 22-10 but then personal fouls started to put our main players V.Pauza and T.Burbulis on the bench with 4 fouls for each just at the start of the third period. ''Towers'' started to put a full court press which worked perfect against not so experienced ''Wolves'' players.And By the end of last period ''Towers'' even went in front by 4 points, but on the last minutes ''Wolves'' played better under the basket with some great plays by T.Burbulis and R.Bartkus. The game ended 78-76 win for the Wolves !!!!

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