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Juniors keeps improving in the league!

Busy January for the ''Wolves'' juniors u-16's and U-14's continue with three games played this weekend alone.

U-16's went to Belfast to play against ''Queens BC'' . While ''Wolves'' have won their last 7 games, ''Queens'' are struggling at the moment with 3 wins and 7 losses in the league. Nevertheless ''Wolves'' took the game serious from the start and left no hope for the opponents with score 1:20 after the first 10 minutes. The defense provided by every player on the court were on a high level and the growing score distance between two teams let every player from ''Wolves'' squad get their playing time on the court.

The game ended with the final score 24-69 and 9th win for the kids in the league.

Top Scorers:

E. Zadoroznyj - 18 points

L. Pauza - 10 points

K. O'Neill - 8 points

T. Genevicius - 8 points

R. Mccullough - 6 points

K. Simovicius - 6 points

A. Stonys - 6 points

T. Daracius - 5 points

N. Zaveckas - 2 points

U-14's had a busy Saturday hosting strong ''Magherafelt Titans'' squad at Cookstown Leisure Centre which are currently at the 2nd place in the table. But ''Wolves'' players had one set in mind - work hard on the defense, that would be the only way to try to keep up with the opponents. And the defense plan worked, our young players showed a good fight and managed to lock ''Titans'' but at the same time struggled by themselves to find a net and make a score. After three quarters the distance between teams were only 3 points with ''Titans'' in front, but that were enough for ''Titans'' to get the win in the last ten minutes. But this were the second game that showed even with all the payers joining the league for the first time this season, ''Wolves'' manage to improve every game.

Top Scorrer:

D.MccRory - 18 Points.

After a close loss on Saturday , U-14's had to play the second match of the weekend against guests from Belfast - ''Ulster University Tigers''. Both teams showed so quality on defense and offense but ''Wolves'' were better at the second half and took the important win to try and get the spot in to the play off's . A huge improvement from the squad on every individual with help on the defense, and great individual show by Kacper Orzel who stepped up when needed the most!

Top Scorrers:

K.Orzel - 13 points.

D.Mccrory - 11 points.

L,Surginas - 4 points.

K.Zokaitis - 4 points.

T.Genevicius - 4 points.


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