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One more win For Premier and U-16 Squad!

'' Last week's game against Belfast ''Phoenix'' highlighted some issues within the club's mentality to work as a team in offence and defense. As the newly set premier squad is now built from the players that used to be the key members in their previous clubs. Players like Daniel Stewart and Sergio Villalva represented ''Ballymena BC'', Vidmantas Kazlauskas represented ''Belfast Queens'' and our own players like Vitalijus Stonevicius and Ernestas Genevicius were the ones that had the ball in their hands most of the time. So this year's main headache of the ''Wolves'' coaching squad became how to teach the team play and the importance of sharing the ball.

Before this week's fifth game in the Premier League, the club had a meeting to discuss and observe the video of the last game to adjust some changes needed. And it looked like it had worked. Our visit to play Against ''Tigers-1'' in Andersonstown became a brilliant example of team work. Even though the first 10 minutes ended with '''Tigers'' going upfront by 10 points (20-10) but with some adjustments ''Wolves'' started to find the plays so the ball would be moved and shared in the way that anyone on the court could score. ''Wolves'' had a great second and third period with outscoring ''Tigers-1'' by a score 39-16, so the last 10 minutes were more of just closing the game and taking the fifth win!

Final Score ''Tigers-1'' 67-78 ''Wolves''

Top Scorers:

Rolandas Bartkus - 15 Points Vitalijus Stonevicius - 14 Points Daniel Takalua - 12 Points Vidma Kazlauskas - 12 Points Ernestas Genevicius- 11 Points Eidmantas Saulytis - 10 Points

On the junior side, our U-16's had two games played this Week and both of them ended in victories. On Tuesday we visited ''Belfast Phoenix'' and finished with a score 30-57 with a win, and on Sunday we played against Magherafelt Titans with another win with a final Score 30-64.

Scorers against ''Phoenix''

T.Genevicius 23 K.Oneill 12 E.Zadoroznyj 11 L.Pauza 5 A.Stonys 4 N.Zaveckas 2

Scorers against ''Titans''

E.Zadoroznyj 25 T.Genevicius 19 K.Oneill 8 L.Pauza 8 A.Stonys 2 K.Simonovicius 2''


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