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''Wolves'' are preparing for the end of the regular season!

Thursday have sent Premier ''Wolves'' squad to play against ''Queens University'' basketball team in Belfast. While ''Queens'' are struggling in the league and have no chances to reach the top four, ''Wolves'' are in complete opposite position chasing their 10th win of the season and the League Title. These games at the end of the season are never easy, as ''Queens'' can play it without any pressure and just enjoy the game and for the ''Wolves'' - they need a win at all cost.

The game started as planned, ''Wolves'' managed to get in front in the first ten minutes with score leading 11:20 with hopes that the game will be easy and everyone can enjoy the play time on the court, but ''Queens'' came back in the first minutes of the second quarter, the rest of the game became intense and very tight. ''Queens'' managed to play the best ten minutes of the season with scoring 30 points in it and actually taking the lead before the half break by score 41:37 with ''Queens'' taking the lead.

This was a warning for the ''Wolves'' that if they wont start playing, they might put them self and the season in jeopardy as this is the win and the 3 points that we have to take it to stay at the top of the table.

After the break, the view on the court changed, better concentration, better defense and better offense from the ''Wolves'' let the game not to slip away, even that the ''Queens'' kept playing at the top level which they know how to do no matter of the standings in the league. With the three quarters past the difference were only one point 60:59 to ''Queens'', so the last ten minutes were to decide everything.

With time running out, '''Wolves' 'still couldn't get in front and only in the last minutes of the game ''Wolves'' took the lead and the win that gave extra three points in the league. Now, with three games left to play, ''Wolves'' need to win at least one of them.

Top Scorers:

Eidmantas Saulytis- 18 Points.

Vidma Kazlauskas- 16 Points.

Daniel Takalua- 15 Points.

One of the best Team plays were also played in the ''Division-1'' league, with our ''Mid Ulster Wolves'' taking an important win against ''Ballymena BC''. On that day - everything was working as planned, from offense to defense. While ''Wolves'' scored 42 points in the first half, the more important was that we only let ''Ballymena'' to score 18.

The game ended with the Final score 75-51 to ''Mid Ulster Wolves''.

E.Genevicius - 14 Points.

M.Kubeckis - 12 Points.

O.Genevicius - 10 Points.

L.Lapukas - 9 Points.

T.Genenvicius - 8 Points.

P.Pocius - 8 Points.

Z.Sadauskas - 7 Points.

J.Whyte - 5 Points.

And our U-14's played away game in Belfast against ''Hazelwood Hawks''. Our young ones struggled as due flu we had missed our 5 players. Nevertheless, K.Orzel managed to get in his hand and showed great leadership while ''Wolves'' were missing D.Mccrory who is at this stage the top scorer for the team.

Next weak our U-14''s will be playing against Belfast ''Phoenix'' at Cookstown leisure center and will try to get a win that is really needed to get higher on the table.


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